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Maintenance Instruction

【Regular PU Leather】

1. Gently wipe off the spots and stain with soft cloth, do not immerse in water to clean
2. To store bags with desiccant and with string-closure dust bags attached with the product. Leave bags in cool and airy places and store them somewhere without direct sunlight.
3. Please leave your bags away from artificial heat, moisture as possible as you can.
4. Avoid contacting sweat or water, if such happen, wipe off sweat or water as soon as possible to prevent from leaving stains.
5. Avoid overfilling your bags, for it may cause breakage at the joints.
6. Use cotton swab with the cleaner formulated for leather to gently wipe off dirt and stains from PVC leather.
7. Use dry cloth to clean the hardware. If there is slight oxidation on the hardware, copper oil or tooth powder can be applied to gently rub against the hardware to improve the oxidation.
8. Avoid using alcohol or detergent to clean bags, which may cause damage to the leather surface.

【Linen & Canvas】

1. Use a toothbrush to apply a bit water for slight stains or a detergent for serious ones to do spot-like cleaning.
2. Due to the capillarity of the material, please avoid large area cleaning or may cause the spread of stains and water marks.

1. Please use an eraser or a slightly damp cotton cloth to gently wipe off dirt or stains partially, no immersing in the water.
2. The bag is only slightly waterproofed itself, and with partially PU leather material, which may lead to the separation of inner PU layer resulted from moisture or water. Wipe off excess water with a clean, dry cloth when it's wet by the rain. Leave bags in cool and airy places and store them somewhere without direct sunlight.
3. No immersing in the water, machine wash, bleach, ironing or exposure under heat.

【Things to keep in mind】

1. PU leather is made of eco-friendly material. The international qualified PU leather might be subject to peeling issue caused by heat. Clean with leather treatment then store the bag in the dust bag together with desiccant, avoid moisture and use the bags irregularly, which will extend the duration of bags.

2. Store your bags separated from other items. Do not overstuff the bags, which can distort the shape. Leave bags in cool and airy places and store them somewhere without direct sunlight.

3. Wipe off excess water with a clean, dry cotton cloth when it's wet by the rain, or it may cause water stains, dye transference or discoloration.

4. Leather may lose protection from oiling due to worn by usage over time, as well as storing in a high-temperature place, which all are considered as normal.

5. Bags in lighter tone worn with dark clothes may be subject to color transfer. To avoid dressing in dark or poor dyed clothes when is with light-color bags may be a good idea.

6. Do not use bleach or immerse bags in water to clean. Alcohol-free treatment is always welcome to wipe bags.

7. Hardware is subject to be eroded, color bleeding, fading issues because of moisture or worn by usage, which are all considered as normal.

8. Bags,as well as the brand new ones, are affected by elements of surroundings over time, which includes glue aging, oxidization. To store bags in a low-temperature, low humidity and airy places, for not having to air out every other time.

9. The duration of bags depends on maintenance and the ways, as well as frequency of usage.